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Your story deserves to be told, and Kreu Kuts exists to help you share it.  Our goal is to bring your vision to life in a creative, personal, and affordable way.  Whether your project is a small one or you want all the bells and whistles, Kreu Kuts has the ability and resources to make your dream a reality.  You have your gifts and talents, and we want to use ours to tell everyone about you.

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Eli graduated from Vanguard University of Southern California with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in TV/Film. After Vanguard, Eli extended his education in a program at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center. Once he completed his schooling, Eli worked on the Fox studio lot at Wendy Finerman Productions.


When Eli chose to move on from WF Productions, he began to pursue teaching the art of storytelling through film. At Village Christian Schools (mainly in the High School department), Eli took a fledgling Video Production class of 14 students and turned it into a complete Video Production program with multiple Introduction Classes, and an Advanced Class. The students of the Advanced Class entered and won awards at various film festivals, as well as hosted their very own festival at a local 300+ seat theater.


Since starting Kreu Kuts, Eli has created promos, tutorials, educational, and testimonial videos for various companies, organizations, and schools, along with highlight reels for individual athletes and teams of all sports.


Eli created Kreu Kuts because he believes everyone can benefit from having their story told visually, and he wants to ensure that everyone has that opportunity to have it done in a personal way at a professional quality.

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